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Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel
Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel
Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel
Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel
Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel
Dorint Seehotel & Resort Bitburg/Südeifel
Seeuferstr. 1
54636 Bitburg/Biersdorf
Reservations manager:
Ms Elvira Strehlen


Back relaxation massage:
gentle, harmonious relaxing massage
Duration: 25 minutes - 45 € per person

Back massage - Strong:
strong, classic massage
Duration: 25 minutes - 55 € per person

Back and leg massage:
Duration: 45 minutes - 65 € per person

Kids back massage:
Gentle, relaxing massage
Duration: 20 minutes - 25 € per person

Back hot stone massage:
The hot stone massage has been used traditionally since ancient times. Its therapeutic effect was already recognized and practiced by the Indians. Typical areas of application of the hot stone massage are muscle tension, its use for physical well-being after burnout syndrome, for disorders of mental balance or to strengthen and activate the body's own defences.
Duration: 40 minutes - 59 € per person

Anti-stress massage:
Soft, harmonious and deeply relaxing massage to calm the vegetative nervous system after stress and tension. Massage areas: Face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs and feet.
Duration: 55 minutes - 75 € per person

Vital-Strong full body massage:
Strong, sporty massage in which the muscles are deeply kneaded, rubbed and intensively stroked. Tensions and hardenings are specifically treated. The sports massage is ideal for young and young-at-heart people who want to stay fit and are active in sports. Massage areas: Neck, back, arms and legs.
Duration: 50 minutes - 85 € per person

Chi Yang massage:
A combination of acupressure, relaxation and beauty massage. Tensions of nervous and physical nature are released, the lymphatic flow system is strengthened and activated.
Duration: 70 minutes - 95 € per person

Full body hot stone massage:
The energy of the warm stones stimulates the blood circulation. Vital inner body energies are mobilized.  Harmful substances are broken down and tensions are released.
Duration: 70 minutes - 89 € per person

Hot chocolate massage:
Aromatic scented massage with warm oils of cocoa bean extract and shea butter. One of the most expensive oils in the world, tightens and regenerates.
Duration: 55 minutes - 85 € per person

This Hawaiian full body massage is a mixture of ritual, massage and bodywork. The aim of this devotional massage is to regenerate the person and bring him/her in harmony with his/her environment.
Duration: 80 minutes - 99 € per person

Foot and leg massage:
The feet and legs are massaged with a fragrant orange oil through gentle movements. Especially suitable for insomnia, headaches and states of exhaustion.
Duration 25 minutes - 39 € per person

Foot relax massage:
Bringing the body into balance, restoring inner harmony and mobilising the self-healing powers is the aim of a foot relaxation massage.
Duration: 35 minutes - 55 € per person

Head, face, neck massage:
With very sensitive touches the face and the head up to the neck is released from tension.
Duration: 25 minutes - 45 € per person